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getting 24/7 access via the brivo mobile app

Find Brivo email

Once we receive your signed membership agreement, you will receive an email from Brivo Mobile Pass App to set up your 24/7 gym access.

Depending on your type of phone, download the Brivo Mobile Pass app from the App Store (iPhones) or Google Play (Androids).

Please note! There are a few different Brivo apps, so make sure to download the one that says "Brivo Mobile Pass".

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Open App

Open the Brivo app and confirm it looks like this screen.

Find Brivo email


Go back to your Brivo email and click on "Add to Brivo Pass".

Alternatively, you can sign in via using the Pass ID and Code at the bottom of the email.


To use this option, click on the button in the app that says "Enter Invite Code" and enter the info sent in the email.

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mobile pass homescreen

Once you have successfully logged in, you will be taken through a tutorial (feel free to skip).

After that, you will see this home screen with the "Magic Button" icon. Once in the gym, you will tap that button next to the access pad in our foyer and the door will unlock for 20 seconds.

have any issues or questions?

Email or text us to get support on demand.

(608) 200 - 3115

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