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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the space?

In total the space is 1,800 sq ft including a unisex bathroom and a storage room.

What amenities does it include?

Currently we offer the following:

  • 1,200 sq ft of a sprung floor

  • 20 black folding chairs

  • 2 x 4' fold out tables

  • 1 x 6' fold out tables

  • Full sound system

  • Full backline with amps, drum set, 2 mics, and an electric piano

  • A regularly tuned grand piano

  • Unisex bathroom

  • Garage door to open on nice days

  • Heating and AC

  • Free parking for up to 50 cars

Planned Renovations:

  • Full wall mirrors (with curtains to cover if desired)

  • Raised stage

  • A grid with stage lights 

  • A ceiling projector with drop down screen

  • A formal backstage area

  • A formal dressing room/green room

  • Lounge area with a bar

Can I use everything in the space for my rental?

Yes! Everything that's in the space is fair use for your rental. We just ask that you put everything back the way you found it.

Do you offer half hour rentals?

We do not, we rent only at full hours on the hour to keep the space self running on our backend.

Can I ask someone to book time for me?

You sure can, please email us at with the times and days you are looking to book.

How do I determine what kind of rental I have?

If you are looking to book the space for reoccurring rehearsals, classes, or meetups, you may book that at $15/hour. 

If you are looking to host events, larger gatherings, or one-off rentals that would be at $25/hour.

If you're not sure what your rental qualifies as, please contact us at or (608) 292-5698.

How do I get into the space?

Once your booking is confirmed, we will set up our security system to auto unlock the door during your rental period.

What happens if the door is locked?

Please call or text us at (608) 292-5698 and we will let you in remotely.

What if someone is in the space during my reserved time?

Call or text us at (608) 292-5698 to help sort it out right away.

Are there security cameras in the space?

Yes, we have one security camera in the back corner. We do not have any security cameras in the bathroom or changing rooms.

Do I need to plan for takedown and setup time?

Yes, your rental period needs to include all the time you need including any setup or takedown. There may be other renters before and after your session.

Is there someone to talk to onsite if we have questions?

Lauren works at our gym next door Monday - Friday from 10-6PM and can help anytime during that period. Otherwise, you may email or call us with any issues. or (608) 292-5698

Can we collaborate on an event?

We'd love to hear your idea! Email us at to discuss.

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